Quality Improvement Program Guide

Choosing a Quality Improvement Program

This guide is for service providers who are seeking Grants SA or multi-year funding from the Department of Human Services. This guide will help you to determine which is the right quality improvement program for you.

A quality improvement program or a quality framework is a performance tool that looks at all operating functions such as governance, risk, people management and service delivery.

Service Providers will be asked about the type of quality improvement program they use and whether they are certified or accredited in that program.

The choice of which quality improvement program will be dependent on the size of your organisation, the total revenue level, and the type of programs and services you offer.

This information is a guide only.  The final outcome will be based on service providers range of services, source of other funding, total revenue and the amount of funding you are seeking from the Department of Human Services.

For further advice you are welcome to contact the serviceexcellence@sa.gov.au

A 'Quality Improvement Program' is a performance analysis tool that helps service providers to identify issues and implement strategies to address these issues.
A ‘whole of organisation’ is where the Quality Improvement Program looks at all operating functions and services such as governance, financial, human resource, risk and service delivery.

Page last updated 19 June 2023