Youth Justice Partners

Training Centre Visitor

The Guardian for Children and Young people has been appointed as the Training  Centre Visitor under the Youth Justice Administration Act 2016 (YJAA).  This role formalises the importance of a monitoring and advocacy role within the Centre.

The Training Centre Visitor functions, as per YJAA, consist of:

  • Conducting visits and inspections of training centres
  • Promote the best interests of the residents of the training centre
  • Act as an advocate for residents of the training centre to promote resolution of issues relating to care, treatment or control
  • Inquire into or provide advice to the Minister regarding systemic improvements to care, treatment and control of residents and the management of the training centre

A resident of a training centre , a guardian, relative or carer of a resident of a training centre may make a request to contact the Training Centre Visitor at any time

Partners List

Youth Justice works with many groups to provide individual, group and programmatic responses to Youth Justice clients, including:

  • Department for Child Protection
  • Child and Adolescent and Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • SA Dental Service,
  • Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
  • Metropolitan Youth Health,
  • Department of Education provide on-site and in-classroom education programs as well as external education and training opportunities at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre.
  • Red Cross
  • Helping Young People Achieve
  • Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services (MAYFS)
  • Re-Engage Youth Services
  • Multicultural Youth South Australia
  • Yarrow Place
  • Flexible Learning Options
  • Aboriginal Family Support Services
  • Nunkuwarrin Yunti
  • Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc.
  • Youth Justice Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • Street link
  • Junction Australia
  • SYC
  • SA Housing Authority (SAHA)
  • Centacare
Page last updated 29 May 2023