External Academic Research

DHS partners with various academic institutes to undertake data capture and analysis, service model and tool development, evaluation, and modelling activities.

BetterStart at The University of Adelaide

The BetterStart group of Adelaide University, part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, undertakes research into health and development from perinatal period into adolescence. BetterStart has worked in collaboration with EIRD since 2018 and has provided valuable insights through their Early Childhood Health and Development Project. Currently EIRD fund BetterStart to examine supply and demand of adult support services.

Social Work Innovation Research Living Space (SWIRLS) at Flinders University

EIRD are working in partnership with Flinders University’s Social Work Innovation Research Living Space (SWIRLS) to facilitate the development a culturally informed practice tool to guide assessment and evaluate intervention outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families and to strengthen the culturally informed evidence base that supports culturally responsive practice for Aboriginal children and family’s wellbeing.

The practice tool will be designed to operationalise and assess Aboriginal children’s safety and wellbeing outcomes and broader family level change to sustain children’s safety and wellbeing. The tool will be informed by evidence and research, existing culturally responsive frameworks and practice tools, the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of Aboriginal people, including practitioners and community.

Page last updated 30 May 2023