Achieving and maintaining accreditation

Achieving accreditation

Organisations that achieve accreditation will be advised by their external assessor who will summarise their findings in a confidential report and make recommendations.

The asssessor will also advise the ASES team, who will provide:

  • a congratulatory letter
  • certificate
  • stickers
  • explanatory “Where You See This Star” brochures
  • ASES graphic to incorporate into your promotional materials or website.

Use of the device in promotional material is subject to approval from the ASES team.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards accreditation is three years.

The accreditation date is taken from the last date of the external assessment plus three years.

Maintaining accreditation

Maintaining continuous accreditation is the aim. This is also a requirement in service agreements. Possible lapses in continuous accreditation may impact on funding eligibility and contract management. To ensure continuous accreditation we have provided a number of tips to help you stay on track.

Tips to maintain accreditation

To stay motivated and keep up-to-date with systems, policies and procedures, here is a list of suggestions on maintaining accreditation and continuously improving.

  • Ensure staff are aware of how important it is to contribute suggestions for improvement.
  • Establish a quality group or committee that meet regularly and focus on continuously improving systems and documentation such as policies and procedures.
  • Look at strategies to raise awareness across the organisation of your quality philosophy and agenda.
  • Conduct training for new and current staff on quality concepts and continuous improvement tools.
  • Hold 'lunch and learn' sessions on quality and continuous improvement tools.
  • Develop and maintain a quality action plan.
  • Develop an internal audit schedule and inform your staff when internal audits are to occur.
  • Give ample time to gather and develop evidence for your Australian Service Excellence Standards self-assessment. Unless your organisation has a dedicated resource to prepare for external assessment, it generally takes between 12 and 18 months.
  • Book an assessment 6 months before your accreditation expiry date in case there are quality action plans to follow up.
  • Talk with other organisations about how they manage their quality improvement processes.
  • Keep asking for lots of feedback from your customers and other stakeholders.
  • Consider using the continuous improvement tools to collect data on progress against outcomes or problem areas within the organisation.

List of accredited organisations

ASES accredited organisations as at September 2022 (DOCX 50.1 KB)

ASES accredited organisations as at September (PDF 183.5 KB)

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