About the Toolbox

To help you get started, we have pulled together a wide range of policy examples to support your organisation when working through the ASES STARservice Recognition, Certificate and Award Levels.

This Toolkit is in topic and alphabetical order for you to access examples. Use these examples as a guide only. You are welcome to adapt examples to suit your organisation. In keeping with copyright laws, remember to acknowledge source documents when developing your own.

If you have any excellent examples that you are willing to share, please email

Asset Management

Asset Management Policy Example (PDF 418 KB)

Basic Asset Register Template  (PDF 57.3 KB)

Child-Safe Environments

Mandatory Reporting Guide – SA Government (PDF 617 KB)

National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care – Australian Government

Children and Young People’s Safety Act 2017

Working with Children Check - Screening Unit SA Government


Social Media Policy Example (DOC 102.5 KB)

Social Media Policy Example

Media Relations Policy Example (DOC 309.5 KB)

Consumer Outcomes

Client Access & Consumer Rights Policy Example (DOCX 33.5 KB)

Client Consent Form Example (DOCX 33.8 KB)

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Tools booklet (Australian Service Excellence Standards) (PDF 860.6 KB)

Customer Complaints and Feedback

DHS Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy

Complaints Register Template (DOC 330.5 KB)

Internal Complaints Procedures Example (PDF 143 KB)

Consumer Complaints and Management Flowchart – SA Government (PDF 166 KB)

Handling Complaints Checklist – WA Government

Feedback and Complaints Policy Example (DOCX 35.7 KB)

Data Management

Data Knowledge Management

Cybersecurity Policy Template

Privacy Policy Example (DOC 77.5 KB)

Confidentiality Policy Example (DOC 75.0 KB)

Authority form to use and retain personal information Example (PDF 802KB)

Guide to Securing Personal Information – Australian Government

Information Sharing Guidelines – Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Information Sharing Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Wellbeing – SA Government

Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Inclusion Framework (PDF 135.3 KB)

Law Council Diversity Policy (PDF 154 KB)

Department of Health and Human Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety Framework – VIC Government (PDF 1.3 MB)

Cultural Safety Framework – VIC Government (DOC 138 KB)

Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity Policy Example (DOC 92.5 KB)

Anti-Discrimination Policy Example (DOC 80.0 KB)

Australia’s anti-discrimination Legislation Links and Overview

Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Act 2009

Age Discrimination Act 2004

Financial and Contract Management

Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF 289 KB)

Damn Good Advice for Treasurers (PDF 1.8 MB)

Authority to Sign Cheques Policy (DOC 68.0 KB)

Tax File Number Privacy Fact Sheet - Office for the Australian Information Commissioner

National Standard Chart of Accounts and Data Dictionary - Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission

The Role of Peak Bodies factsheet - South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) (PDF 112 KB)

Ethical Fundraising Policy - Institute of Community Directors Australia (DOC 76.0 KB)

Fundraising for Organisations – SA Government

Developing a Plan for Financial Sustainability


Governance and Director Issues

Governance – Mission Australia

Tips for governance

Boards, Committees and Governance: the Essential Facts – Our Community (PDF 542 KB)

Public Officer Responsibilities - Consumer and Business Services

ORIC Rulebook - Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (PDF 3.4 MB)

Board Governance Structure (PDF 1.2 MB)

Grant Funding Guidelines

Guidelines for Grant Funding (PDF 824.1 KB)

Human Resources

Industrial Relations – SA Government

Code of Ethics – SA Government

Public Sector Act 2009

Employment Conditions and Entitlements In South Australia – Australian Government

How to Write an Employee Code of Conduct

What is Bullying in the Workplace?

Bullying Policy Example (DOC 106.5 KB)

CEO Recruitment Policy Example (DOC 82.5 KB)

Family Friendly Policy Example (DOC 85.5 KB)

Long Service Leave Guideline (DOC 85.0 KB)

Misconduct Policy Example (DOC 71.5 KB)

Performance Review Policy Example (DOC 93.0 KB)

Personal, Carers and Compassionate Leave Policy Example (DOC 96.5 KB)

Redundancy Policy Example (DOC 72.5 KB)

Staff Grievances and Dispute Resolution Policy Example (DOC 88.5 KB)

Staff Recruitment Policy Example (DOC 338.5 KB)

Unpaid Leave Policy Example (DOC 95.0 KB)

Staff Induction Policy Example (DOC 75.0 KB)

Professional Development Policy Example (DOC 89.5 KB)

Committee Member Induction Checklist

101 Ways to Recognise your Volunteers (PDF 338 KB)

Toolkit - Do Volunteers need Training? (PDF 810 KB)

Volunteer Management Policy Example (DOC 89.5 KB)

Succession Plan template and Guide

Organisational Chart Template

Employment Contract Example

Induction Checklist

National Police Check Application - Australian National Character Check

National Police Check Application - National Crime Check

Employee Training Register Example

Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistle-blower Protections) Act 2019

Police Check Register Example (DOCX 28.5 KB)


Planning types - what do we mean?

Planning Resources

Creating a Business Plan

Action Plan template (DOC 49.0 KB)

Examples of Business Plan headings (DOC 39.0 KB)

Annual report example - Multicultural Communities Council of SA

Example of a Strategic Plan (PDF 418 KB)

Communication Plan Example (PDF 430.8 KB)

Policy and Procedures

How to write a policy

Records Management

State Records Act 1997

Freedom of Information Act 1991

Records Management General Disposal Schedule

Accessing Information held by Governments and Universities – State Records

Records Management Policy Example (DOCX 32.8 KB)

Risk Management

Risk Management policy template (DOC 223.0 KB)

Risk Register template (PDF 9 KB)

How to manage risk - Australian Government

Fraud Risk Management Policy (DOC 307.0 KB)

South Australian Police website

Criminal Code Amendment  - Theft, Fraud, Bribery and Related Offences  Act 2000

Injury and Accident Policy Example (DOC 301.0 KB)

Fraud and Risk Management Policy Example (DOCX 40.2 KB)

Business Continuity Example (DOCX 46.0 KB)

Social Media

Social Media Policy Example (DOC 102.5 KB)

Social Media Policy Example

Media Relations Policy Example (DOC 309.5 KB)

Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety Policy Template (DOC 337.5 KB)

Work, Health and Safety Act

Injury and Incident Reporting Policy (DOC 301.0 KB)

The Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Volunteers - Safe Work Australia (PDF 297KB)

Hot Weather Guidelines

Responsible Use of Alcohol Policy Example (DOCX 71.2 KB)

Hot Weather Policy (SafeWork SA)

COVID -19 website – SA Government

National COVID-19 Guide for Workplaces

Improving ventilation in indoor workplaces: COVID-19

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