Results-Based Accountability

Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) is a simple way of measuring the positive impact we have on communities.

RBA is a framework focused on improving quality that poses three key questions:

  • how much did we do?
  • how well did we do it?
  • is anybody better off?

The Department of Human Services (DHS) partners with community organisations to integrate RBA into programs and funding.

Results-Based Accountability strengthens community organisations by:

  • assisting them to gather evidence
  • creating measurable improvements for clients and communities
  • enabling them to highlight their achievements and results.

RBA promotes collaboration with local communities to bring about lasting change on complex social issues. It relies on evidence and clear data to guide decisions, benefiting the people of South Australia.

Results Reporting Data Dock (R2D2) - submit your periodic performance management reports

Guides and Resources

RBA in the Community

  • Clear Impact: Reach Your Peak: This is an American site devoted to RBA. The Results Leadership Group consists of consultants, educators, coaches, and facilitators.
Page last updated 5 September 2023