Results Reporting Data Dock (R2D2)

The Results Reporting Data Dock (R2D2) is a website for funded organisations.

On R2D2 you can submit periodic performance management reports, which contain:

  • contain de-identified client demographics
  • client assessment data against outcome measures, and
  • contextual qualitative information.

Data analytics can be performed using reporting tools, which enables detailed access to the data tables.

R2D2 has improved the way we collect, use and share data to monitor program performance and the impact we are having on people and families in the community.

Access the R2D2 website (log-in required)



R2D2 instruction manual (PDF 1.9 MB)

Training videos

We recommend watching the videos in this order if you are new to R2D2.


  1. How to establish if you are an Aggregate or Individual reporter (1.40 mins)
  2. Creating Submissions: Individual and Aggregate Submissions (9.00 mins)

Clients and assessments

  1. Adding a Client via Direct Entry (3.28 mins)
  2. Adding a Client via Bulk Import (3.31 mins)
  3. Adding Assessments via Direct Entry - relevant to Individual Submissions only (5.05 ,mins)
  4. Adding Assessments via Bulk Import - confirm with your manager if bulk importing is relevant (7.45 mins)

User accounts

  1. Adding a New User (1.23 mins)
  2. Deactivating a user (36 secs)
  3. Changing your Password and setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (1.46 mins)

Community and Neighbourhood Development Reporting

Data entry sheet for providers - participant survey week (XLSX 130.9 KB)

Data Entry Sheet for Providers - annual volunteer survey (XLSX 147.8 KB)

CND Annual Survey for Volunteers multiple languages (ZIP 3.7 MB)

CND Survey for Participants multiple languages (ZIP 3.8 MB)

CND Annual Survey for Volunteers (DOCX 25.0 KB)

CND Survey for Participants (DOCX 25.0 KB)

Page last updated 26 May 2023