When teamwork makes the dream work

On the Limestone Coast, a community garden project has brought together several Community Connections Program (CCP) participants, creating among them a sense of purpose and belonging.

The project was implemented with the assistance of ac.care participant Joe*, who was interested in starting a home business offering lawn and garden maintenance and landscaping.

Previously, the space chosen for the garden was full of old bushes, but Joe removed all the bushes and prepared the area for planting. Other CCP participants also joined in, further strengthening the sense of community and teamwork.

Once the launch was organised, local CCP Partner agencies were invited to attend, and they brought clients along to enjoy the grand opening and a BBQ lunch to celebrate. This provided a networking opportunity for the participants and the local agencies in a less formal setting.

The community garden encouraged participation from a diverse group of people to help with planning, organising, creating, and maintaining the garden. The project has not only created skill-building opportunities but also a meaningful connection among the participants.

The community garden project has also created a platform for sharing knowledge and learning from each other. The idea is that members of the community can work together as a group to develop, plant, and maintain a detailed garden plot either at their home or other property.

The networking opportunities forged during the launch are being continued by the local agencies and participants. The project has created a sense of purpose and belonging, and the community is now working together as a team towards a common goal.

*Not his real name.

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Page last updated 10 August 2023