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Future changes to disability and aged care services

The State Government announced in February 2017 that management of some State Government disability services and Domiciliary Care would move to the non-government sector over the next few years.

These changes came in response to national disability (the NDIS) and aged care reforms designed to provide more funding and choice to people with disability and older people.

Disability and Domiciliary Care clients, carers and employees have been consulted and fully supported through changes affecting them. In the meantime, the State Government continues providing services until transitions to the non-government sector are complete.

Update on Domiciliary Equipment Services (DES)

We now have a time frame for when the Domiciliary Equipment Services (DES) will begin to transfer to the non-government sector.

Following a market process, we expect to begin transition around the middle of 2019. There will be more information in the coming period.

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Update on Supported Community Accommodation Services

The State Government has made a commitment that all state-run disability services will transition to the non-government sector. This includes services within group homes.

The government expects gradually to withdraw from supported community accommodation service provision, starting early 2019.

Importantly, there will be no immediate changes – it is services as usual for now.

Decisions about how changes will occur will be made in consultation with clients, employees, unions and the non-government sector.

There will be more information about how to participate in the consultation process soon. The consultation will run between now and the end of 2018 and will be guided by these principles:

  • Continuity in quality client services and supporting client choice
  • Retention of skilled and experienced employees in the disability sector
  • Growth of the local South Australian non-government sector

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