State Autism Strategy - Discussion Paper Consultation Report

State Autism Strategy - Discussion Paper Consultation Report


On 25 November 2022, the South Australian Government launched a public consultation on South Australia’s First Autism Strategy Discussion Paper.

A Discussion Paper Consultation Report has now been published after formal endorsement by the State Autism Strategy Advisory Committee. The Consultation Report captures what we heard via YourSAy and the many direct discussions with the Autistic and autism communities.

Public consultation on South Australia’s First Autism Strategy Discussion Paper attracted record engagement with over 1200 responses and 33 per cent of YourSAy responses from Autistic people.

Who shared their views on YourSAY?

We received at total of 1070 responses via YourSAy, 3541 were from Autistic people

and 716 were from non-Autistic people. Many responses represented the views of diverse populations and highlighted the diverse and intersecting experiences of Autistic people and their families.

17 responses from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

  • 9 – Autistic person
  • 16 – non-Autistic person.

185 responses from LGBTIQA+ people

  • 153 – Autistic person
  • 32 – non-Autistic person.

62 responses from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people

  • 23 – Autistic person
  • 39 – non-Autistic person.

90 responses from young people

  • 75 – Autistic person
  • 19 – non-Autistic person.

1 We recognise that there may be people who are currently undiagnosed or do not feel comfortable disclosing their diagnosis and that this number may therefore not be representative of the total number of Autistic people who completed the YourSAy survey.

What did people tell us?

Some key issues emerged as being particularly important to the Autistic and autism communities:

  • Improved community attitudes, awareness, and education
  • Improvements in support, attitudes, knowledge, and understanding in education settings
  • Improved employment opportunities and support
  • Improved access and affordability of diagnosis
  • Support for parents, carers, and guardians for Autistic children and adults
  • Safe, sensory friendly spaces and an autism inclusive community
  • Listening to Autistic voices and ongoing collaboration and consultation with the Autistic and autism communities
  • Recognising individual diversity and the range of Autistic experiences, as well as addressing the needs of Autistic people across the lifespan.

View the Consultation Report in print, accessible and Easy Read formats.

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