Department of Human Services

Aboriginal employment

decorativeThe Department of Human Services (DHS) welcomes and values the professional expertise, cultural knowledge and life experience that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples bring to the workplace.

DHS is committed to increasing their participation across all classifications and divisions within the Department and in retaining those employees through building a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples has been directly linked to many benefits including:

  • improved access and outcomes for clients
  • increased cultural competency of service delivery
  • increased cultural knowledge and competency of non-Aboriginal staff.

DHS offers flexible working arrangements and is developing culturally inclusive work environments to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait employees to better meet their work and family obligations.

In addition to DHS general vacancies, the South Australian Government offers a further avenue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples to gain employment with the South Australian public sector through the South Australian Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Register.

Page last updated : 20 Apr 2018

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