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Reconciliation and Closing the Gap

View the full DHS "Cultural Maintenance" artwork

DHS acknowledges and respects Aboriginal peoples as the State’s first peoples and nations and recognises Aboriginal peoples as traditional owners and occupants of the lands and waters in South Australia. We strive to build a workforce and community who are proud and inclusive, and who are champions of South Australia’s Aboriginal cultures.

DHS Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022–2024

The Department released its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan in March 2022, outlining clear commitments to reconciliation and promise to embed Aboriginal cultural capability in all of the work that we do.

Closing the Gap

DHS is proudly committed to achieving the targets outlined in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Working Group

The department will be forming a Closing the Gap Reference Group, made up of representatives from across the department.

The Group will aim to collaboratively support and inform reform and interactive approaches that are inclusive of Aboriginal employees and the broader Aboriginal community to live an equal and fuller life.

DHS welcomes and values the professional expertise, cultural knowledge, and life experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people bring to the workplace. We are committed to increasing their participation across all classifications and divisions in the department, with a focus on retention and development in an inclusive workplace respectful of cultural needs as outlined in our Aboriginal Workforce Strategy.

In addition to our vacancies, the South Australian Government offers a further avenue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to gain employment with the South Australian public sector through their Aboriginal Employment Register.

DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2021–2023

The Strategy outlines our commitment to increasing the participation of Aboriginal peoples across all classifications and divisions in the Department and in retaining those employees through building a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of Aboriginal culture.

DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2021–2023

Cultural Maintenance reconciliation artwork

'Cultural Maintenance' is an artwork commissioned by the department and created by South Australian artist, Allan Sumner.

‘Cultural Maintenance’ is a fusion of symbols that represent our vision for reconciliation, as outlined in the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan March 2022–March 2024. The artwork reflects the many values that help to build the capacity of DHS. It visually pieces together in waveform, representing cohesion and connectedness as an organisation.

Explore the Cultural Maintenance artwork, highlighting the significance and meaning behind the different elements of the artwork.

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