Organisation structure

Chief Executive

Sandy Pitcher

Reporting to the Chief Executive

Child Safety and Family Support 

Head of Division

Katherine Hawkins, Executive Director

Business Units

Early Intervention Research Directorate (Henry Pharo, Director)
Safer Family Services (Kerry Beck, Director)

Community and Aboriginal Partnerships

Head of Division

Alex Reid, Executive Director

Business Units

Aboriginal Practice and Partnerships (Arrin Hazelbane, Acting Director)
Regional and Remote Services (Jacky Costanzo, General Manager)
Youth Justice and Exceptional Needs (Mellanie Fernandez, Director)


Head of Division

Joe Young, Executive Director

Business Units

Disability Services (Sarah White, Director)
Equipment Program (Naomi Mathiesen, Manager)
Quality and Clinical Services (Julie Rogers, Director)
Strategic Policy and Reform (Ksharmra Brandon, Director)

Office of the Chief Executive and Governance

Head of Division

Belinda Marsden, Director

Business Units

Closing the Gap Policy and Transformation (Samantha Webster, Director)
Communications and Engagement (Shelaye Boothey, Director)

Deputy Chief Executive

Ruth Ambler

Reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive

Business Units reporting directly to the Deputy Chief Executive 

Community and Partnerships (Caroline Lock, Director)
Concessions and Interpreting Services (Olga Laparidis, Director)
Inclusion Policy and Reform (Liana France, Director)
Office for Women (Sanjugta Vas Dev, Director)
Restrictive Practices Unit (Trinh Mai, Senior Authorising Officer)
Screening (Emily Strickland, Director)

Finance and Business Services

Head of Division

Nick Ashley, Chief Financial Officer

Business Units

Finance (Daniel Green, Director)
Financial Reform (Rebecca Murdoch, Director)
Infrastructure (Suzanne McKell, Director)
Procurement and Quality Assurance (Elizabeth Chmielewski, Chief Procurement Officer)

People and Performance

Head of Division

Sue-Ann Charlton, Executive Director

Business Units

Business Improvement and Technology (Shikha Sharma, Director and CIO)
HR, Wellbeing and Safety (Nicole Deacon, Director)
Organisational Development and Learning (Sally Nicholas, Director)
Screening Transformation (Jayne Matthews, Director)

Organisation Chart as a Picture

DHS Organisation Chart (PDF 711.9 KB)

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