Improved access to employment opportunities and better support within workplaces



We will identify opportunities to purchase goods and services from Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) and from organisations who have strong inclusive employment practices and provide employment to people living with disability.


Opportunities to purchase goods and services from ADEs or organisations that provide employment opportunities are identified and promoted.

Directorate Responsible  |  Procurement and Grants
Time Frame  | Ongoing


We will provide work placement opportunities and mentorship within Finance and Business Services for people with disability.


Opportunity of two placements per year for persons with disability.

Directorate Responsible  |  Finance and Business Services
Time Frame  | Ongoing


We will support and promote implementation of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment’s Public Sector Employment Strategy across the public sector to support the implementation of action 37 of Inclusive SA.


In line with the SA Public Sector Disability Employment Plan 2019–2021, disability employment targets are developed and implemented to increase the number of our employees with disability and address barriers to disclosing disability in recruitment.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and associated action plans, are reviewed, and an updated strategy relaunched.

Directorate Responsible  |  People, Strategy and System Services
Time Frame  | Ongoing (annual reviews)


A reference group has been formed to support action plans.

Disability Leave (reflected in the Special Leave with Pay provisions) is reviewed and continued.

Directorate Responsible  |  People, Strategy and System Services
Time Frame  | September 2020


We will develop data measures to track the percentage of people living with disability employed and retained in State authorities in line with 'action 39 of Inclusive SA'.


Development of the test case for the NDDA will capture the percentages of employment.

Directorate Responsible  |  Disability Access and Inclusion
Time Frame  | June 2023

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