Why was the plan revised?

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan | 2020 to 2024
2023 Revision

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has lead responsibility for administering the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) and implementing the State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019–23 (Inclusive SA), which aims to improve access and inclusion for South Australians living with disability.

Inclusive SA sets out whole of government actions and measures for 99 state authorities, made up of 31 government agencies and 68 local councils. All state authorities are required to develop and publish a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) that aligns with Inclusive SA’s key priority areas.

The DHS inaugural DAIP 2020–24 was published in October 2020 and outlined how the department would support the implementation of Inclusive SA within our context. These actions demonstrated our ongoing commitment to driving continuous improvement to address the barriers faced by people living with disability who may otherwise be marginalised, disadvantaged or discriminated against.

On 3 December 2021, Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–31 was launched to coincide with International Day of People with Disability. Subsequently, Inclusive SA was revised to reflect the shifting priorities of Australia’s Disability Strategy and to support the seven outcome areas and the associated Targeted Action Plans. The reviewed Inclusive SA was tabled in Parliament on 28 September 2022 and published on the Inclusive SA website.

The second iteration of Inclusive SA is planned to commence in 2024 following the expiry of the current plan.

DHS has responded to the changing environment by undertaking a review of their DAIP 2020–24, to align all 41 actions with the seven outcome areas of Australia’s Disability Strategy.

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