Improving Community Understanding and Awareness



We will lead 'action 6 in Inclusive SA' and work with relevant SA Government departments to improve community understanding and awareness and promote the new National Disability Strategy that will be launched in 2021.


A campaign to promote the New National Disability Strategy is implemented.

Directorate Responsible  |  Disability Access and Inclusion
Time Frame  | June 2021


We will work with the Commonwealth Government to develop data indicators to measure changes in community attitudes about the rights and needs of people with disability in leading 'action 7 in Inclusive SA'


Data indicators are released as part of the outcomes framework for the new National Disability Strategy.

Plan is developed to support collection of relevant data.

Directorate Responsible  |  Disability Access and Inclusion
Time Frame  | September 2021


We will commemorate International Day of People with Disability annually and use this day as a catalyst to celebrate the contributions people with disability make to society and reflect on how we can be more accessible as an organisation.


Annual promotion and participation in International Day of People with Disability.

Directorate Responsible  |  Communications and Engagement
Time Frame  | Annually


We will promote the positive representation of women with disability in Office for Women materials that promote community understanding and awareness.


New materials positively represent women with disability.

Existing materials are reviewed and updated to positively represent women with disability.

Directorate Responsible  |  Office for Women
Time Frame  | December 2021


We will ensure, where appropriate, that clients of Accommodation Services meet and have an opportunity to know their neighbours, to increase and promote disability understanding and awareness and encourage inclusive communities


Capacity Building Officers will meet with all clients of Accommodation Services to assist with community connections, build the capacity of clients and access external advocacy and friends in their lives.

Directorate Responsible  |  Accommodation Services
Time Frame  | December 2021

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