DHS Diversity and Inclusion

Embedding workplace diversity into everyday practice involves recognising the value of individual differences in people and positively embracing, harnessing and supporting these characteristics to achieve organisational and individual benefit.

DHS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

People are at the core of our business and are our most important asset, without whom we are unable to deliver on our strategic goals. Diversity and inclusion is about every member of our workforce bringing their unique perspective to the department, and being heard and valued by colleagues and leaders alike.


DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy

The DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2021–2023 outlines our commitment to increasing the participation of Aboriginal peoples across all classifications and divisions in the Department and in retaining those employees through building a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of Aboriginal culture.


DHS Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

The DHS Disability Access and Inclusion Plan sets out the actions we will take over the next four years to achieve a more inclusive South Australia.

DHS Diversity and Inclusion Style Guide

A guide designed for the Government of South Australia and the public sector which addresses the appropriate use of language and terminology, requirements for accessibility, and advice for planning inclusive events.


Page last updated 26 May 2023