Youth Minister's Advisory Council

The Youth Minister's Advisory Council is made up of young people aged 15 to 24. They have an important role in representing the views of young people by sharing ideas and experiences to help shape strategies and youth policy in South Australia.

Council members

  • Arianna Burgos-Garabelli
  • Ash Cook
  • Ava Musarra
  • Jazmin Bingham
  • Jeanne Munyonge
  • Kalicia Smith
  • Lucy Boundey
  • Max Price
  • Scarlett Green
  • Stephanie Greenwood
  • Wil Day
  • Zane Leblond - Chair

Youth Minister's Advisory Council - Meeting outcome statements

Update as at 8 November 2023

The Youth Minister’s Advisory Council met for their 4th Quarter Meeting on Wednesday 8 November 2023. Along with meeting with Minister Nat Cook, the Council met with Karen Hunt from Department for Innovation, Industry and Science (DIIS) to discuss the new Adelaide University and with the Concessions team in DHS to learn about the review that is currently being undertaken.

The Council discussed a wide range of topics with the Minister including, their forward agenda for 2024, Voice Referendum result, youth homelessness, and the impacts of short-form content on children and young people.

Queries the Council raised in their previous meeting in relation to the new university were addressed in their discussion with Karen Hunt from DIIS. The Council learned about how universities are created through legislation, how the creation of the new university will impact current university students and graduate outcomes in the future.

Staff from Concessions in DHS provided an overview of what they have found in the review of the 22 available concessions that may affect young people. The Council advised that there are school-leavers and young people who are not aware of Youth Allowance and Concessions available to them and suggested further awareness raising and education is required.

The Council was given an update on the development of the SA Youth Action Plan and some of the key findings of the consultation.  The Council will be provided with the full consultation report and involved in the further development of this Plan.

The Youth Minister’s Advisory Council will next meet in 2024.

Update as at 6 September 2023

The Youth Minister’s Advisory Council met for their third quarterly meeting on Wednesday 6 September 2023. The Council met with the Minister of Human Services and with the Assistant Minister for Autism, Hon Emily Bourke MLC.

The Assistant Minister informed the Council about the establishment and functions of her role and the Office for Autism.

The Council discussed multiple issues with both the Minister and the Assistant Minister, such as their concerns over the University merger and housing for young people. When discussing the University merger, the Council questioned how many current students supported the merger and expressed concerns over the change in campus culture and requested a further update on the merger and answers to specific questions at their next meeting. The Council discussed financial assistance options to help young people become homeowners and housing developments in the outer metropolitan area.

The Council provided feedback on the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 review and the ‘Keeping Our Promises’ report from the Commissioner for Children and Young People. The Council expressed deep concern over the shortcomings highlighted in ‘Keeping Our Promises’ and in particular, the increase in exclusionary and absentee rates among school students. The Council expressed support of the reforms to stop rent bidding as this puts vulnerable people at further disadvantage and it welcomed reforms to allow renting with pets.

The Youth Minister’s Advisory Council will meet again in November 2023.

Update as at 8 June 2023

The Youth Minister’s Advisory Council met for their second quarterly meeting on Thursday 8 June 2023. Along with meeting with the Minister, the Council received an update from a representative of the National Office for Youth and participated in a workshop to help develop South Australia’s new Youth Action Plan 2023-26.

The Council heard about the establishment, functions, objectives and current areas of focus for the Office for Youth. Council members were encouraged to participate in upcoming engagement opportunities being run by the Office for Youth, to highlight issues of importance to South Australian young people and to inform the development of a national youth engagement model. Further information about the Office for Youth is available.

Members discussed a range of issues with the Minister, including the importance of affordable housing for young people, domestic and family violence supports and financial barriers for young people undertaking student placements and work experience. The Minister expressed her commitment to tackling the issues facing young people and that affordable housing is a priority for the State Government, while acknowledging that the creation of new housing stock takes time. The Minister also highlighted the opportunity for Council members to provide input to the current review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.

The Council provided their view on priorities for the new Youth Action Plan 2023-26, across the areas of health, safety and justice, education and employment, connection and access to resources, and citizenship and participation. Community members are welcome to have their say on the new Youth Action Plan via YourSAy until 6 August - South Australia’s Youth Action Plan 2023-2026 | YourSAy

The Council next meets in September 2023.

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