Accessible Formats

Accessible format is the term used to describe alternative communication formats for people who have difficulties accessing information. Sometimes the term ‘alternative formats’ is used.


Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) is the sign language of people in the Australian Deaf community.

Built environment

Human-made structures, features and facilities viewed collectively as an environment in which people live and work.

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A range of activities and processes used in the design of services and products that involve people who use or are affected by that service or product.


The government of the Commonwealth of Australia – commonly referred to as the Australian Government of the Federal Government.

Data Indicators

A specific, observable and measurable set of information that can be used to show changes and progress being made toward achieving a specific outcome.


The South Australian Department of Human Services.

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Disability Engagement Group (DEG)

TermDefinitionA group of people who have nominated themselves to provide feedback on issues that are important to people living with disability in South Australia. The group is made up of people living with disability and their families and carers, and members of the community interested in disability matters.

Easy Read

Easy Read is a simplified form of plain English that is used for written information, often using pictures and short sentences. It is helpful for people with cognitive or intellectual disability or low English language literacy levels.

Kurlana Tapa

The new name for the Adelaide Youth Training Centre, South Australia’s only training centre, which provides a safe and secure environment for young people in custody. Kurlana Tapa means “New Path” in Kaurna language.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual, Queer/Questioning, Asexual/ Agender/Aromantic and other sexual orientations and gender identities.

Local councils

A system of government in South Australia under which elected local government bodies (councils) are established and empowered by the State Government under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA).

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National Disability Strategy 2010–2020

The strategy is a shared commitment by all governments to work together to improve the lives of Australians with disability by guiding governments and other organisations to build the wellbeing of people with disability and their carers.

People’s Advocacy Group

The People’s Advocacy Group is a group of Accommodation Services clients who work with the department and its networks around the re-shape of Accommodation Services. They test and inform decision-making around changes being made to improve the service.

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency responsible for the implementation of the (NDIS).

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS provides support to people with disability, their families and carers. It is jointly governed and funded by the Commonwealth and participating state and territory governments.

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State authority

As defined in the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) to include a government department, an agency or instrumentality of the Crown, a local council constituted under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) or any other person or body declared by regulations to be included.

State Disability Inclusion Plan: Inclusive SA

The South Australian Government has prepared Inclusive SA, the state’s disability inclusion plan for 2019–2023. This plan is the way the government is taking a lead on promoting the inclusion of South Australians with disability and providing them with support to live satisfying everyday lives.

Supported Decision-Making

A model for supporting people with disability to make significant decisions and exercise their legal capacity.


A suite of information documents with may include guidelines, templates and procedures to assist in the completion of a task.

Universal Design

Universal Design involves creating facilities, built environments, products and services that can be used by people of all abilities, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptations.


An online consultation hub where you can find and provide feedback on consultations open across the Government of South Australia.

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Page last updated 13 September 2023