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South Australia's First State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019–2023

Inclusive SA

Inclusive SA was launched on 1 November 2019 and is the South Australian Government's first State Disability Inclusion Plan.

It is our commitment to create an accessible and inclusive South Australia based on fairness and respect.

The State Disability Inclusion Plan brings State Government agencies and local councils together to reduce the barriers faced by people living with disability.

Inclusive SA sets out our priorities and actions for the next four years under the following themes:

  • Inclusive communities for all
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Accessible communities
  • Learning and employment.

The priorities and actions set out in Inclusive SA are the first steps to improving access and inclusion for people living with disability.

The plan is available in Easy Read, plain text and PDF.

Consultation on the State Disability Inclusion Plan

Participants in the community consultation generated around one thousand ideas to help us develop Inclusive SA. The community shared examples of good practice and discussed where improvements could be made. The themes and priorities in the plan reflect what we heard.

In developing Inclusive SA, we were guided by the principles in the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) which reflect those set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plans

Under the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA), State authorities are required to develop their own Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs). These are due to be completed by October 2020.

The Department of Human Services has a toolkit to assist State authorities develop and report on their DAIP.

Inclusive Play – Guidelines for accessible playspaces

Play is an essential part of our children’s development and wellbeing.

Inclusive Play provides a set of guiding principles to support the design and development of playspaces enabling all children to play together.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan frequently asked questions (FAQs)

State authorities have certain responsibilities under the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA). You can read the frequently asked questions to learn more, or contact us.

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