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Introducing ‘Pavely’, the smartphone app that paves the way to greater independence for people with accessibility needs


Pavely…paving the way to inclusive communities. Coming soon!

The Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Department for Innovation and Skills, Department of Treasury and Finance and Go2Gov program start-up ‘The Moonshine Lab’ is proud to launch ‘Pavely’, a uniquely South Australian inclusive smartphone app.

Rate and review experiences based on accessibility and inclusion

Pavely is a first-of-its-kind smartphone app, providing a directory of venues and facilities across the state and allows users to find, rate and review their experiences based on accessibility and overall inclusiveness. The app is an initiative of the State’s Disability and Inclusion Plan — Inclusive SA — and aims to drive greater community inclusion for the 300,000 people living with disability in South Australia.

The Go2Gov program connects start-ups like The Moonshine Lab with State Government agencies who need innovative solutions to address complex human problems. Pavely is a great example of how the how technology can be leveraged in life changing ways, influencing inclusion, independence and empowerment for community members.

Created from lived experience

Pavely Advisory board members contributed their lived experiences to help shape the functionality of the app, and optimise its usability, and accessibility. People with disability who have trialled the app agree that Pavely will be ‘life-changing’, the time saved planning outings will enable greater spontaneity and potential to explore new places.

Pavely users can save and rate the places they love and share their knowledge and experiences with their fellow community members through peer reviews.

This app also serves to increase the awareness and understanding of accessibility needs within the business community, and businesses can promote their inclusive venues and services in the app.

Pavely  video (1.45 mins)

Register to hear when the app lands in stores

Pavely is coming soon to app stores, and we need the community to contribute, so the app can create a more inclusive community.

How do you do this?

  1. Register to join the community and be notified when the app lands in in Apple and Android stores.
  2. Install the app and contribute your voice by adding venues ratings.
  3. Explore new places to go, and once you visit, provide ratings and accessibility information to help others to visit too!

Pavely website

To learn more and register, visit the Pavely website.

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