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The ASK Professional Portal provides workers evidence-based resources to keep kids safe and well


Children, young people, and families are increasingly needing support for complex issues. The escalating COVID-19 situation in South Australia is contributing to increased incidence of stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation, domestic violence and drug use.

Many professionals are faced with providing support for children or families who are either unaware they need help or feel unsure of what help they need, and where to find it.

The Adults Supporting Kids or ‘ASK’ website is for everyone who has concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children, young people or families, to connect them with information and support to keep kids safe and well.

ASK Professional Portal

The ASK ‘Professional Portal’ is now available to assist professionals to locate evidence-based ‘wellbeing and safety’ practices and resources across 12-topics including: health, parenting, education, domestic violence, drug use or legal issues.

Best-practices are also included for supporting LGBTIQA+ and culturally diverse families, or families with members who are living with disability.

Children, young people, and families face a range of issues, and challenges. Each person is unique and cannot be defined by just one characteristic. ASK recognises this intersectionality and helps professionals to navigate the complex system of services that provide support to children, young people, and families.

‘Just ASK’ self-help quiz

Professionals can also use the ‘Just ASK’ quiz with clients or refer clients to use the quiz as a self-help tool for the identification of potential risk factors and support options.

The quiz is quick to complete, confidential and easily accessed through the pop-up tool on the bottom of the ASK website homepage.

Do you have Aboriginal or linguistically diverse clients?

Information about Adults Supporting Kids (ASK), interpreters and other services are translated into 14 languages, this now includes 2 Aboriginal languages and a third is coming soon!

Learn more about resources for professionals

Please tell your colleagues, clients and service partners about ASK using the ASK Media Kit (PDF 1.6 MB).

Page last updated : 28 Aug 2022

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