Highlighting the importance of speech pathology in youth justice

Highlighting the importance of speech pathology in youth justice

Speech pathologists working in youth justice, a conversation with Sarah Maybury, Marcella Lau, Dr. Emma Shimke and Melissa Saliba.

Many young people in the youth justice system find it harder to read, write, talk, listen and understand information than their peers, however they are often faced with complex information.

Speech pathologists play a vital role in supporting young people with their communications needs and ensuring they are aware of their rights and legal obligations, such as their bail conditions.

Senior Speech Pathologist Melissa Saliba recently appeared on the Speech Pathology Australia podcast Speak Up together with three other ‘speechies’ from Queensland and New South Wales to discuss the vital work they do in helping young people understand and be understood. This might involve supporting a young person during their court process or talking them through a legal document.

Melissa’s work takes place both within Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre and out in the community which allows her to provide ongoing support to young people once they leave detention. It’s a trauma-informed and culturally responsive approach aimed at empowering young people to succeed.

Melissa has also been instrumental in creating youth-friendly Easy English versions of key documents and this form of support has been shown to help young people better understand their bail conditions, improve their compliance and has led to fewer breaches and less time in custody.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to this informative 30-minute conversation that highlights an essential but lesser known aspect of youth justice support and gives an insight into some of the valuable work taking place at Kurlana Tapa.

For a copy of the transcript, please email office@speechpathologyaustralia.org.au or phone 1300 368 835

Page last updated 4 December 2023