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Important legislation to safeguard people with disability will start 30 May 2022


The Disability Inclusion (Restrictive Practices – NDIS) Amendment Act 2021 will start Monday 30 May 2022.

This means that, from 30 May, NDIS service providers who need to use restrictive practices for the people in their care to safeguard them from hurting themselves or others, can obtain approval through the Restrictive Practices Authorisation Scheme. The use of restrictive practices must be authorised under this legislation, or another Act.

Strong safeguards for people with disability

“The Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme implements the new laws that provide strong safeguards for people with disability. The new laws set out the roles, processes, and criteria for the authorisation of regulated restrictive practices by registered NDIS service providers for NDIS participants in South Australia,” says Trinh Mai, the scheme’s Senior Authorising Officer.

“The South Australian Government has committed to the National Framework for Reducing and Eliminating the use of Restrictive Practices in the Disability Service Sector. The scheme promotes accountability, transparency, and visibility of restrictive practices to reduce their use,” she explains.

Restrictive practice authorisation decisions coming into effect

NDIS service providers and Authorised Program Officers employed by NDIS service providers have been working closely with the Restrictive Practices Unit to familiarise themselves with the new scheme. They have been using the Restrictive Practices System to apply for and assess applications for restrictive practices, in preparation for the commencement of the legislation.

From 30 May, restrictive practice authorisation decisions made to date by Authorised Program Officers as well as those made by the Senior Authorising Officer within DHS will come into effect.

“We encourage current RPS users to continue using the system. Any NDIS service providers who haven’t already done so are encouraged to register to use RPS as soon as possible.  We will continue to support NDIS providers and people with disability through the transition arrangements, and beyond,” says Ms Mai.

Learn more and attend a webinar

Learn more about the scheme on the restrictive practices – disability inclusion website.

You can also sign up for a webinar – details of topics, dates and how to register are published on the website.

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