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Our Healing Approach - CFSS Common Elements support practitioners in trauma responsive practice


For the child and family support system, Common Elements.
For the child and family support system.

CFSS Common Elements Approach supports aims to enrich the workforce and hone evidence-informed practitioner skills in forming positive and productive relationships with families in ways that support trauma responsive practice, safety and family functioning.  This is a critical step in the reform of the Child and Family Support System (CFSS).

The Common Elements Approach is not just a training program, instead it is supported by Implementation Science methods including opportunities for e-learning, service led clinical coaching, reflective discussions and reflective team learning activities, all designed to help practitioners and services to embed the evidence-informed practices into their ‘business as usual’. 
This approach supports deep reflection of foundational practice concepts and enables practitioners to embed these skills consciously and consistently into practice.

This new approach will support frontline service practitioners to nurture family healing and to avoid further traumatisation using 10 relationship-based and evidence-informed practices.

The CFSS Common Elements Approach
Practitioners will learn the 10 evidence-based practice skills within 3 e-learning modules:

  1. Building Engagement
  2. Preparing for Change
  3. Enhancing Family Functioning and Safety.

The CFSS Common Elements Approach equips practitioners with the knowledge to consistently apply evidence-informed practices, creating a stable and skilled workforce that feels valued, supported and inspired to give families the best support possible.

Services are encouraged to embed the learnings with reflective discussion opportunities such as:

  • group discussion in team meetings
  • reflecting on practice skills during supervision sessions.

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