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Thursday 18 February 2021

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Dear sector colleagues,

Last year, we were shocked and saddened by the horrendous death of Annie Smith. Today, criminal proceedings against her former support worker returned to court.

While I will not risk prejudicing these proceedings by making any specific comments on the matter, I would like to acknowledge the real improvements that have been made to our systems of safeguarding for vulnerable people with disability.

While Annie was an NDIS participant and no longer one of our clients, South Australia has rightly taken the time to reflect and learn from the horrific failings in her care.

We at DHS are working hard to respond to the recommendations of the independent safeguarding task force, including:

You can read more about each of these actions on the DHS website.

While there is still more work to be done, these actions have made a meaningful difference to the lives of vulnerable people with disability in our state.

Lois Boswell
Chief Executive

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