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Thursday 19 November 2020 - 2nd edition

This is an archived Newsletter. The information may be outdated.

For the latest COVID-19 information, please refer to the SA Government COVID-19 website.

Dear sector colleagues,

I would like to thank you for pivoting so quickly as we work together as a state to put a double ring fence around the COVID-19 cluster that has emerged in Adelaide.
The steps we all take over the coming days will have a vital impact on how our state moves through this challenging time.

The department is working closely with the SA Housing Authority (SAHA) during this challenging time and have shared some important SAHA updates below on the Emergency Accommodation Program, COVID-19 Relief Call Centre and Homeless Connect SA.

DHS has received a number of sector enquiries about expediting test results. A guide for NGOs on COVID-19 testing (DOCX 181.7 KB) is available on the DHS website.

Processing test specimens are usually completed within 48 hours, however if you are worried about a client in your care, it is important that the transport of specimens is expedited.

The ordering clinician can organise expedited testing that can return a result within several hours. The clinician should record that the client or staff member are from a high-risk setting.

If you need expedited testing, phone Royal Adelaide Hospital Virology on 08 7074 1213 (7.30am – 11.00 pm). Outside of these hours phone 8222 3601 or 8222 3123.

Thank you again for everything that you do to support vulnerable South Australians.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact DHS’s COVID-19 Response team at 

More information on COVID-19 in South Australia

Best regards,

Lois Boswell
Chief Executive

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