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Tuesday 2 February 2021

This is an archived Newsletter. The information may be outdated.

For the latest COVID-19 information, please refer to the SA Government COVID-19 website.

Covid-19 restrictions - Western Australia

Dear sector colleagues,

Over the weekend the State Government revised its advice relating to people returning or travelling to South Australia from Western Australia, after a hotel quarantine security guard in Perth tested positive to COVID-19.

As of 31 January 2021, Western Australia is now a prohibited zone.

People who have been in Western Australia will not be permitted entry into South Australia. Exceptions to this include people escaping domestic violence, persons who normally reside in South Australia and those relocating to South Australia.

For persons arriving to South Australia on or after 12.01am 26 January 2021 and before 10.15pm 31 January 2021, the following directives apply:

Individuals who were at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, 707 Wellington Street Perth, on or after 24 January 2021 must:

Individuals who travelled to South Australia on or after 12.01 am 26 January from Western Australia must:

  • Immediately self-quarantine for 14 days commencing 31 January 2021; and
  • Get a COVID-19 test immediately and again on day 5 and day 12 of quarantine.

For more details of all state COVID-19 updates go to the SA Health Contract Tracing page.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact DHS’s COVID-19 Response team at 

More information on COVID-19 in South Australia

Ngaityalya (Kaurna: thank you)

Lois Boswell
Chief Executive

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