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Principles Checklist

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These principles were determined by people living in supported accommodation and their families, friends and guardians. They are a set of rules to guide people working with people living in supported accommodation, and all principles must be 'checked off' in every moment of service delivery.

Nothing about me without me

Well recognised since the late 1990s, this strong statement demands that any activities, discussions and decisions that might involve of affect a person should include that person.

Supported accommodation is my home

Those delivering services in supported accommodation can become focussed on following process, risk management or getting the job done. We all need to remember that our homes are a place of security, being ourselves and doing what we want to do.

Respect me and my team, include us, communicate with us and work with us creatively to get where I want us to go

We all need some support from and connection to others to live our best lives. This interdependence must be considered when working with people living with disability. Who is included and when is up to the individual.

Understand what I want and need, don’t tell me. Support my voice to be heard

Never make assumptions about people living with disability. Operate from a strengths-based approach. Communicate in ways that work for people to understand what they want and need.

Acknowledge where I’ve been and help me get where I want to go. Support me to imagine new possibilities

Understanding of and attitudes to disability have changed significantly in a short space of time, as has the service system. Many people have expectations that are based on what they have experienced in the past. We need to support people to look beyond this to imagine the future they want for themselves.

Respect and support my culture and identity

All services must be culturally appropriate and respectful, while creating cultural safety. Services should enable self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Respect my human right to:

  • Quality, affordable and sustainable services
  • Relationships I choose with my family and community
  • Self-determination
  • Dignity, equal treatment and being my unique and individual self
  • Communication that works for me
  • Health and wellbeing.

We all have the right to be respected and treated equally. These are some rights that are particularly important as they are often left behind for people living with disability.

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