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Kangaroo Island CFS Newsletter 3

South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Community Newsletter

Sunday 29 December 2019

Kangaroo Island - Duncan and Menzies Fires

Current situation

  • The Duncan fire remains uncontained and is burning on the northern side of Kangaroo Island.
  • The Menzies fire is contained and has been handed back to the local landowner.
  • There is concern that the weather will increase dangerous fire behaviour before sunrise Monday 30 December 2019. There will be a significant threat to life and property.
  • There is potential for wind gusts between 60 and 90km/hr with the weather change, however gusty and erratic winds are expected throughout the day
  • Monday 30 December 2019, it is expected the township of Parndana will come under direct threat from flame and embers from the Duncan fire. Residents are being advised of the potential threat and to relocate early.
  • Should the fire escape from the current area the town siren will sound continually for 3 minutes. At this point it will be too late to leave and you will have to seek shelter. The safest option is to relocate before the threat increases.
  • It is expected that local road closures will be in place to the north of the Playford Highway from early Monday. Once roads are closed people may not be allowed into the area for a lengthy amount of time until the risk passes.
  • Take action and prepare for a fire in your area.
  • Make sure you include pets and livestock in your preparations.
  • People are encouraged to seek shelter with friends and family. The safest place to be is either in Kingscote or Penneshaw which are Bushfire Safer Places
  • Please take your emergency kit with you and if you are taking pets make sure to bring ample supplies for their needs.
  • A relief area will be set up in Kingscote Library and Town Hall.
  • Free camping will be made available at the Kingscote oval.
  • To ensure safety, please do not enter fire affected areas unless necessary.
  • Roads in the area have been reopened but motorists should proceed with caution as over the coming days trees may still fall blocking their path. Drive carefully in the area as smoke may reduce visibility.

What to do

Duncan Fire

The Duncan fire is approximately 56 km west of Kingscote. It is estimated to be 19,000 hectares in size with a fire perimeter of 122km.

  • Work is still being carried out to secure the perimeter of the fire. Whilst these firefighting operations are being undertaken, some areas remain unsecure.
  • There are large unburnt areas of vegetation and grassland within the fire perimeter that are also of concern. These may increase smoke activity within the fire perimeter.
  • More than 100 firefighters from 23 fire trucks have been operating on the fire ground. These continue to be supported from NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife Services) and the Metropolitan Fire Service. Approximately 50 farm-fighting units are providing excellent support to the CFS. We encourage these units to attend the Parndana Staging Area each morning and gain food supplies.
  • Increased activity on Sunday 29 December 2019 to further protect the town.
  • Likely to see smoke to the north-west between Middle River and Snug Cove.

Menzies Fire

The fire is approximately 21 km west of Kingscote. It is estimated to be 1,100 hectares in size with a fire perimeter of 20km.

  • This fire is contained and has been handed back to the local land owner.
  • This will be continually monitored Monday 30 December 2019

Contact points

Bushfire Information Hotline - phone 1800 362 361

TTY - phone 13 36 77

If life is in danger, phone 000 (triple zero)

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