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Feedback on the State Plan

Considerations for Feedback

When formulating your feedback, please consider:

  • Agencies/partners that need to be involved.
  • Actions to assist implementation.
  • How your suggestion supports vulnerable young people to move out or away from the youth justice system.
  • How your suggestion considers the needs of Aboriginal young people when supporting them to move out or away from the youth justice system.
  • What data might best support shared KPIs to measure outcomes across partners.

Additional comments you might like to provide may include:

  • Any evidence-based models/practices that have been successful or could be adapted to support young people in South Australia.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with you/your organisation or area of business.

Feedback Questions

Question: Where — across the key themes in the Blueprint — do you see strengths, opportunities, best practice, innovation and improvements/recommendations?

Question: How can we support young people toward the top green pathway depicted in the Connections Map, of positive growth and development?

Question: Where on the Connections Map are the most important areas to focus innovation and reform?

How to Provide Your Feedback

Thank you for feedback received through the initial consultation period that closed 14 November 2018.

While the formal consultation period has concluded, feedback received after this date will still be considered as we develop delivery plans. Thank you to those that have provided us with feedback to date.

Summary of key themes collated throughout the consultation period.

Send your feedback to the Youth Justice Division:


Postal address:

Department of Human Services
Youth Justice Division
GPO Box 292


Call or SMS the Youth Justice Strategy feedback line on 0423 020 432

If providing feedback on this subject has raised issues for you, there are services available to support you, including:

Refer to the Design and Development Process for an overview of the consultation process.

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