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Appendix H: Client outcome category descriptions

Process and information sharing (indirect)

Screening report completed and shared

A multi-disciplinary screening report was completed and uploaded to C3MS.

Contact with CC/CCM (brief)

An initial email was sent to Case managers informing them of the screening report upload to C3MS and inviting them to contact YJAIS for further discussion.

Contact with CC/CCM (detailed)

An in-depth email or phone call occurred with the case manager, discussing results and/or suggestions and strategies

Contact with Client

A one-off conversation occurred between YJAIS worker and Young Person – for example, informing them of their results and/or suggestions.

Direct client-related Outcomes

New needs identified

New (previously unknown) disability-related needs were identified as a direct result of the screening assessments. The screening assessment highlighted areas of need that were previously unknown and unmet.

Confirmation of previously identified needs

Results from the screening assessment confirmed/were consistent with previous findings, which may include assessment reports from early childhood/primary school. This indicates a persistent and possibly unaddressed need.

Comprehensive assessment recommended

Further comprehensive discipline-specific assessment was recommended. The assessment may or may not have occurred.

Comprehensive assessment conducted by YJAIS

Further comprehensive discipline-specific assessment occurred via YJAIS as a direct recommendation of the screening assessment.

Diagnosis from comprehensive assessment

Screening assessment led to further comprehensive assessment, which led to a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or Developmental Language Disorder.

External referral recommended (excluding NDIS)

Screening assessment resulted in recommendation for an external referral relating to disability related needs (e.g. paediatrician, Dept for Education, CAMHS). Does not include NDIS.

NDIS – access request recommended

The young person was identified as suitable for an NDIS access request, as a result of screening assessment findings. An access request to NDIS was recommended.

NDIS – access request initiated

An access request to NDIS was initiated for the young person (by any YJ or DCP staff member) as a result of the screening assessment.

YJAIS intervention was recommended

YJAIS intervention was recommended and may or may not have occurred due to reasons such as YP’s release or staff capacity.

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