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We Care Plan

Carers' needs are as complex and diverse as their caring situations. Circumstances such as the kinds of care provided, availability of support, geographical location, health and wellbeing significantly affect the lives of unpaid carers.

In 2014, the State Government launched its strategic plan for carers in South Australian communities.

We Care: Our Plan for South Australian Carers builds on our commitments under the Carers Recognition Act 2005. It sets out a number of priorities that address:

  • support for carers in government agencies
  • social, emotional and physical needs of carers
  • increasing the choices available for carers
  • specific needs of Aboriginal, young or multicultural carers
  • ways to assist people transitioning from a caring role.

The plan is unique because it focuses on the needs of carers in their own right, rather than the person receiving care.

We Care applies to South Australian government and government-funded organisations, as required under the Act.

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