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Key resources for trauma responsiveness

Trauma Responsive System Framework

The Trauma Responsive System Framework is a foundational document that guides the Child and Family Support System (CFSS) to build trauma responsiveness.

Make sure you read the Trauma Responsive System Framework and keep a copy handy when participating in Focus.

Trauma Responsive System Framework (Department of Human Services)

Emerging Minds Child protection and intensive family support learning pathway

This learning pathway is a series of online courses designed to support the journey toward strengthening trauma responsiveness within intensive family support services.

Resources in this pathway are designed for a broader audience so you may notice the term ‘social and emotional wellbeing’ used in place of ‘trauma responsiveness’.

Child protection and intensive family support learning pathway (Emerging Minds)

Emerging Minds Child and family partnerships toolkit

This toolkit supports your organisation’s engagement with children, families, and communities, to understand their experiences within your service context, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of your service.

Child and family partnerships toolkit (Emerging Minds)

Emerging Minds Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children toolkit

This toolkit discusses ways in which non-Indigenous practitioners and services can develop genuine connections with First Nations peoples to create the best conditions for effective and respectful service delivery.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children toolkit (Emerging Minds)

Common Elements Practice Guides

The Common Elements Approach will support CFSS practitioners to nurture family healing and to avoid further traumatisation through the use of 10 evidence-informed and relationship-based practices. This approach enriches our skilled workforce to ensure they feel valued, supported and inspired to provide CFSS families the best possible service.

The ‘Common Elements’ Practice Guides (Department of Human Services)

Yaitya Mingkamingka Purrutiapinthi training / Aboriginal Trauma Healing

This training provides staff with an understanding of the very difficult history Aboriginal families have lived and the real impact grief, loss and trauma can have on individuals, families and communities. It encourages self-reflection and increased awareness to address cultural bias and racism.

Yaitya Mingkamingka Purrutiapinthi training (Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations)

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