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Department of Human Services

Acknowledgement of Country

The Department of Human Services (DHS) recognises and respects the historical and cultural significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. We acknowledge and value the diversity of these cultures and the contribution they make to enriching Australian society.


“The Aboriginal Cultural Lenses of Practice”. Artist – Sasha Hill, in collaboration with SFS Aboriginal staff

Usage of the Artwork

The artwork was created as a visual statement piece by Sasha Hill/Houthuysen, a Yamatji/Noongar woman and Aboriginal Clinical Practice Lead, SFS. This piece is the representation of Aboriginal voice from the workshop co-facilitated by Dana Shen, a Ngarrindjeri/Chinese woman and business owner and principal consultant of DS Consultancy The workshop was commissioned by EIRD to create the ‘Aboriginal Cultural lenses of Practice’ for SFS. The workshop was attended by SFS Aboriginal staff and allies to give voice to Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing and guidance in the supporting of a culturally safe workforce.

The artwork is used throughout CFSS documents incorporating the symbols correlating to cultural lens journey, allies walking alongside Aboriginal staff, families and communities and meeting and learning places supporting Aboriginal best practice.

DHS has commissioned Pat Caruso, an Eastern Arrernte man and the Founder/Director of We Create Print Deliver to digitalise and use these elements of the artwork to depict our healing approach ensuring that were always keeping children front and centre and working from a culturally safe lens.

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