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Aboriginal design criteria

A commitment to developing and providing services in collaboration with Aboriginal people is central to the CFSS reform. The Aboriginal Design Criteria recognises the history and wisdom of Aboriginal peoples and commits to support self-determination in all system reform activities. This means giving status to the voices, knowledge, experiences, skills and perspectives of Aboriginal Nations, communities, families, and individuals. Aboriginal people will be involved in all aspects of CFSS reform activities which includes the CFSS Communities of Practices.

The CFSS Communities of Practice model needs to create a culturally safe environment for Aboriginal practitioners to participate fully. The perspectives of Aboriginal peoples must be heard and prioritised through the voices of Aboriginal families and communities as well as via the partnership and contribution of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations and other organisations who can reflect the voice of Aboriginal people and communities.

The proposed Community of Practice model will align with the Aboriginal Co-design principles.

How must the voices of Aboriginal partners be heard and privileged?
How will the Aboriginal Co-design principles be implemented?

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