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Summary of Questions

  1. How will the Communities of Practice contribute to ongoing sector development and reform?
  2. How will this important practitioner knowledge and capability be captured to enhance the sector as a whole?
  3. How will leaders be engaged in sharing learning and collective problem solving across the sector?
  4. How will the workforce be supported to keep doing this important work.
  5. Please describe your thoughts about the tiered approach to the CFSS Communities of Practice.
  6. What might be the challenges? How can impact on resources be minimised?
  7. How must the voices of Aboriginal partners be heard and privileged?
  8. How will the Aboriginal Co-design principles be implemented?
  9. How must CALD voices be included at the table?
  10. How will the specific issues going on in CALD communities be addressed?
  11. How will the voices of lived experience be engaged in ongoing learning?
  12. Which tier of the Communities of Practice will include voices of lived experience?
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