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What could the CFSS Communities of Practice look like?

The proposed CFSS Communities of Practice model will support practitioners and leaders across the CFSS and enable a layered approach to ongoing learning. This three-tiered approach will enable leaders and practitioners to come together at various points across each calendar year to share learnings and collectively solve problems in order to achieve better outcomes for families.

The model is not intended to supersede all other learning and development communities in the sector, but rather propose a shared approach to complement existing processes. This includes and accounts for the Child and Family Safety Network (CFSNs) which offer the opportunity for local discussion to address local implementation issues.

The proposed CFSS Communities of Practice model would be implemented across the following three tiers:

  • Strategic Leadership Forum: Executive decision makers in both NGO and Government services to come together to make decisions and share learnings in relation to CFSS implementation.
  • State-wide Practitioner Meetings: Regional managers and local practitioners to come together and reflect on practice issues such as the CFSS Practice Guidance.
  • Regional Meetings: Local practitioners and other government and non-government partners come together in the CFSNs to discuss local issues

This proposed tiered approach is illustrated in this diagram. The cycle depicts the continuous feedback loop which the three-tiered approach can offer the ongoing continuous reform of the CFSS system.

The diagram is a circle divided into three equal parts. The parts are labelled Strategic Leadership Forums, State-wide Practitioner Forums, and Regional CFSNs. Each part feeds into the next.

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Community of Practice – Key Elements of the Model

Strategic Leadership Forum

Comprises executive decision-makers across government and non-government services to:

  • Discuss and share information about CFSS reforms at strategic level
  • Ensure co-design and planning continues to take place
  • Work to resolve any systemic issues.

State-wide Practitioners Forum

Comprises leaders and practitioners to:

  • Share practice, knowledge and expertise, particularly cultural knowledge and working with families who have complex needs
  • Enable collaboration and reduce barriers between agencies
  • Hear from experts and discuss how to best translate Lived Experience.

Regional CFSNs Forum

Comprises leaders and practitioners from the Child and Safety Network* to:

  • Local level co-ordination and reflection on key policy and practice issues as they affect the local community
  • Contribute to a local learning community, including other regional professional.

Please describe your thoughts about the tiered approach to the CFSS Communities of Practice?
What might be the challenges? How can the impact on resources be minimised?

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