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Our healing approach

Firstly, we must deeply listen and give status to the voices of the children and families who are most affected by this system and often have the least control and power in it. To do this effectively, we need to understand our power and privilege in this system and find ways to support self-determination where possible. We will commit to truth telling about the impacts of colonisation. We will acknowledge and work with the strengths and the resilience in children, families and cultures. We will understand ourselves, our privilege and the assumptions within which we live and work.

Our healing approach will be guided by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander System Design Criteria and co-design principles developed in the Trauma responsive System Framework and CFSS reform co-design process (see EIRD website for complete versions of Aboriginal System Design Criteria and co-design principles and the Trauma responsive System Framework).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander System Design Criteria for a system

  • where Aboriginal children are front and centre
  • that reflects Aboriginal cultural strengths
  • that reflects Aboriginal people’s right to self determination
  • that reflects the truth of our shared histories, the hurts, the strengths and the healing.

Trauma-responsive System Framework principles

  • Trustworthiness
  • Safety
  • Peer and Community Support
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment and self determination
  • Know yourself and learn.

The Lived Experience Network will be supported to ensure lived experience insights are in the design of continuous trauma responsive practice. Our approach to working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities will respect the diverse and unique lived experiences and migratory journeys of individuals and families that may include intergenerational trauma.

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