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Supervision and professional development for employees and volunteers

The people working in your organisation are central to creating positive, child safe environments.

It's essential that staff and volunteers receive ongoing supervision, support and training relevant to their role and responsibilities.

Leaders within your organisation should role model the expected standards of behaviour and values of your organisation.

This can help foster a culture of child safety, continuous improvement and accountability throughout your organisation.

Support and supervision

Regular support and supervision of staff and volunteers is critical for creating and reinforcing a child safe culture across all levels of your organisation.

Regular supervision and support can help organisation:

  • maintain a focus on matters relating to the safety and wellbeing of children
  • monitor staff and volunteer performance
  • provide staff and volunteers with support and guidance
  • offer a regular opportunity for staff and volunteers to share issues of concern
  • encourage staff and volunteers to improve their performance and skills in a positive and encouraging environment.

Training and professional development

Consider what training and professional development opportunities your organisation can provide to help staff and volunteers to do their job well and ensure they place the needs and interests of children at the forefront of everything they do.

Training and professional development can enhance staff and volunteer understanding of issues relating to children’s protection and development.

It can include both formal and informal activities with staff and volunteers, such as:

  • an induction that covers your organisation’s child safe policy, code of conduct and risk management strategy
  • mandatory reporting training
  • inviting experts and other professionals to speak about topics relevant to children’s safety and development
  • supporting attendance at relevant seminars and training offered by external organisations
  • sharing and discussing relevant information (such as research/journal articles/conference papers) on children’s safety and development
  • providing opportunities to hear and learn from the experiences and views of children and young people who are involved with your organisation
  • recognising and sharing good work practices of staff and volunteers to help keep children and young people safe and protected.

Keep a record of who has completed training and when the training was completed.

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