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Developing a Code of Conduct

Your organisation’s Code of Conduct sets the professional boundaries, expectations of ethical behaviour, and consequences for unacceptable behaviour. It can simply be a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. The Code of Conduct should be clear on:

  • expected behavioural standards when working with children and young people, and (if relevant)
  • the expected standards of behaviour between children and young people
  • guidance for when the code is breached.

Code of Conduct template (DOCX 22.0 KB)

Risk Management

Your risk management plan is a document that:

  • sets out your organisation’s identified risks about providing services or activities to children and young people, including assessing the range of physical and online settings that children will access. For example:
    • transporting children
    • photographing children
    • overnight trips
    • camps
    • awards nights
    • physical touching of children to coach them in sport
    • change rooms, one-to-one appointments and off-field events.
  • assesses the likelihood of a risk happening
  • plans for strategies to minimise or avoid the risks
  • is monitored and reviewed/updated regularly
  • includes:
    • risks related to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people (more than physical safety)
    • what actions you have in place to prevent/reduce the risk of harm to children and young people
    • who is responsible for undertaking the identified actions.

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