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Announcements - add a new announcement

Important Note : If you are going to attach a Word document, PDF or any other file to the announcement you must upload it to one of the folders in the Documents area on the site first. Do this using the Add a new Document section first then come back here and continue..

  1. Go to
  2. Log in, using your username and password
  3. In the top left of the screen, select New   
  4. From the choices in the centre of the panel, select News Item
  5. In the Title bar, enter a brief title for your Announcement. You have the opportunity to add a more detailed headline later. Avoid punctuation such as apostrophes, percents or ampersands (&) because they will cause problems with your web link (URL).
  6. Show in menu? select No
  7. Create locations - select Select Current Asset

  8. You are ready to upload the empty page. Click the Create button.
  9. When the process Wizard is complete, look at the middle right for Edit. Click to select.
  10. Ignore the Status Change? drop-down box for now.
  11. Go to the News Information section. Make sure the Headline is correct for this Announcement.
  12. In the Display section, leave the buttons as they are. Any corresponding fields that are filled in will be displayed.
  13. In the Related Link section, you can enter a helpful hyperlink or link to a PDF or Word document that you have previously uploaded. This will be linked as an attachment immediately below the body text.

  14. Leave the Related Image section, leave the box blank.
  15. Look in the top right corner of the page for the Save button. Click to select.
  16. Look in the grey bar at the top of the page. The Details tab will be highlighted. Select the Content tab.
  17. Anything added in the Summary section will be displayed above the Body of the announcement.  If the announcement is short just leave this Summary field blank.
  18. In the Body section, put the Announcement text.
  19. When you are finished, select Save.
  20. To preview your work, look at the top left of the screen and select Preview.
  21. To return to your work, next to the Preview button, select Edit.
  22. When you are ready to publish, look in the grey bar at the top of the page. The Content tab will be highlighted. Select the Details tab.
  23. Under Change?, use the drop-down menu to select Approve and Make Live.
  24. On the top right of the window, select Save. Your Announcement is live - the Announcement will be emailed to all members when the Status is set to Live..

To Exit

To exit, look at the top right of the screen. Click on the 'head and shoulders' image and select log out.  

Page last updated : 04 Jul 2022

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