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Community Services

Addressing the cost of living

We're committed to reducing cost of living pressures to end the hardship experienced by many South Australian families. The department administers a number of programs delivered by the non-government community sector towards this end, such as Financial Counselling services or the No Interest Loans Scheme.

Australian Service Excellence Standards

The Australian Service Excellence Standards is an internationally accredited quality improvement program aimed at supporting non-government organisations (NGO's) in the community services sector across Australia.


We work to improve recognition and support for family carers across South Australia.

Concessions and Support Services

Concessions and Support Services provides leadership of direct services to the community via concessions programs, interpreting and translating services, and state-wide problem gambling programs, services and projects.

Exceptional Needs Unit

The Exceptional Needs Unit supports people with exceptional needs. More than one service might be needed to help you. Each person's  'eligibility' is based on interconnected factors, looking at all of a person's issues and circumstances together.

Grants for community organisations

Find out the grants and funding we provide for South Australian community organisations.

LGBTIQ Inclusion

Discrimination, stigma and exclusion are very real and ongoing experiences for many people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or queer. This can affect their ability to engage in the social and economic life of the state and have a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing. We're committed to building a community that values diversity and the contributions of all citizens.

Local Partnerships

We maintain local partnerships through our Regional Partnerships team and help to resolve local social and economic issues.

Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services

We provide culturally sensitive, family-centred programs for Aboriginal children, young people and their families, promoting pathways that lead to positive change.

News for the Community Services sector

Department of Human Services (DHS) news for the Community Services sector is distributed via an online newsletter.


Our place-based way of working uses local solutions to emphasise community-led renewal.

Results-Based Accountability

Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) is a planning, evaluation and continuous improvement tool, which aims to produce measurable results for the community sector.

South Australian Not-for-Profit Funding Rules and Guidelines

We provide a one government approach to funding not-for-profit organisations via South Australian Not-for-Profit Funding Rules and Guidelines.

STARservice Development Program

The STARservice Development Program aims to build capacity and improve work practices in small community organisations.


We support volunteer programs that help build the capacity of community organisations to be sustainable in years to come and encourage all citizens to participate in community life and care for each other.

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