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What are the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)?

ASES is a quality improvement program that aims to assist non-government organisations to improve their business systems, management practices and service delivery. It is a set of standards owned and administered by the Department of Human Services and available nationally. ASES is internationally accredited in the International Society for Quality in Health and Social Care.

Can we commence self-assessment for both Standards (Certificate and Award level) at the same time?

Yes. If you do so, we recommend that you complete both self-assessment workbooks and send them to the External Assessor prior to the assessment. The assessor will advise you on your readiness for assessment at both levels and make recommendations if needed.

How long does it take to do the assessments?

On average, it takes 12 months for organisations to work through their self-assessment, undertake their external assessment and address outstanding requirements before achieving accreditation.

Is there a time limit for completing a self-assessment workbook?

There is no time limit – your self-assessment needs to be current and accurate. To maintain accreditation, we recommended you restart the process around 18 months after your accreditation.

When do we submit the workbooks?

Your external assessor will wish to see your workbooks and other documentation required 6 weeks prior to assessment.

How do we submit the workbooks?

Electronic submission is recommended, but feel free to contact your External Assessor to discuss options.

Do we need to complete every part of the workbook before assessment?

Yes – you must respond to all requirements in the self-assessment workbook. To be eligible for accreditation, organisations must be Fully In Plan (FIP).

What is the time limit for achieving the elements of the Quality Action Plan (QAP)?

Quality Action Plans should be completed within 6 months. A Quality Action Plan contains identified gap areas recorded as Recommendations in your external assessment report. The External Assessor will work with you to develop your Quality Action Plan, provide suggestions and negotiate timeframes.

How much does an external assessment cost?

Service providers that undertake the external assessments charge fees depending on an organisation’s size and complexity. More information on cost structure (PDF 1.4 MB).

How will we know we have achieved accreditation?

Your External Assessor will advise the Service Excellence Team if your organisation achieves accreditation. You will receive a congratulatory letter and certificate.

Can we market or advertise our accreditation or achievements?

Once you have achieved accreditation, we will provide stickers, explanatory “Where You See This Star” brochures, and the ASES graphic to incorporate into your promotional materials or website. Use of the device in promotional material is subject to approval from the Service Excellence Team.

Page last updated : 22 Oct 2020

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