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How to maintain accreditation

The Australian Service Excellence Standards accreditation is three years.

Once you have achieved accreditation you need to stay motivated and keep your systems updated.  Here is a list of suggestions on maintaining accreditation and continuously improving.

  • Ensure staff are aware of how important it is to contribute suggestions for improvement.
  • Establish a quality group or committee that meet regularly and focus on continuously improving systems and documentation such as policies and procedures.
  • look at strategies to raise awareness across the organisation of your quality philosophy and agenda.
  • Conduct training for new and current staff on quality concepts and continuous improvement tools.
  • Hold lunch and learn sessions on quality and continuous improvement tools for interested staff.
  • Develop and maintain a quality action plan.
  • Develop an audit schedule and inform your staff  when audits are to occur.
  • Give yourself ample time to gather and develop evidence for your Australian Service Excellence Standards self assessment.  Unless your organisations have a dedicated resource to prepare for external assessment, it generally takes between 12 – 18 months for most organisations.
  • Book an assessment 6 months prior to your accreditation expiry date in case there are quality action plans to follow up.
  • Talk with other organisations about how they manage their quality improvement processes.
  • Keep asking for lots of feedback from your customers and other stakeholders.
  • Consider using the continuous improvement tools to collect data on progress against outcomes or problem areas within the organisation.
Page last updated : 04 Dec 2019

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