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Sound management resources

Many of the non-government organisations who have achieved accreditation in the Service Excellence Program (now known as the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills.

The following resources are for example use only. If you require additional examples please contact the Service Excellence Team.

(Note: The following resources are currently being reviewed and updated.  In this process we are interested in hearing from you. If you would like us to publish your organisation's best practice examples, please contact us. The examples may include, Strategic Plans, Policies or Procedures.)  Please forward your examples to:   Service Excellence Team

Strategic planning


Risk management

Critical Client Incidents - Resources and Guidelines

These resources and guidelines can be customised to suit NGOs' reporting and incident management processes.

  • Policy template - NGOs can customise to suit their internal CCI policy requirements and management processes.
  • Check List - a visual guide of key steps to prompt NGOs about managing and reporting critical client incidents.
  • Interpretive Guide - sits alongside the Check List to give further explanation of the key steps involved in managing CCIs.
  • CCI Report Template - can be customised and used for internal records management and, if required, sent to their Government funder/s.

Financial and contract management

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