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These resources will help your organisation to successfully complete your ASES assessment.

Read this Glossary of ASES terms to help you understand some of the language used in the program.

STARservice Resources

The STARservice Development Program aims to build capacity and improve work practices in small community organisations committed to continuous improvement.

Organisations undertaking ASES accreditation should examine the STARservice resources since there is a strong correlation between the two programs in their commitment to continuous improvement and quality.

Best Practice Examples

The following resources are examples of best practice, arranged by ASES topic. Many have been provided by ASES-accredited organisations keen to share their knowledge and expertise.

We are always keen to update this list. If you would like to contribute some of your organisation's strategic plans, policies or procedures, contact us.

Sound Management Resources

Strategic planning


Risk management

Critical client Incidents (customisable templates)

Financial and contract management

People, Partnership and Communication Resources

Human resources

Cultural inclusion

Service Provision Resources

Service outcomes

Consumer outcomes

Useful Websites

Visit the websites of these organisations for relevant policies, documents, templates and other information.

Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Accreditation

  • Regularly ask for feedback from customers and stakeholders
  • Create a supportive environment - plan and make your purpose clear
  • Gather a team together – engage groups from broad areas across the organisation (including volunteers, board members, consumers, and clients)
  • Use the self-assessment tool – record your findings in the self-assessment workbook, using examples of evidence and our website as a guide
  • Develop an action plan – this will help clarify your priorities
  • Go the extra mile – record examples of staff members going beyond expectations to meet user needs and improve the quality of delivery
  • Compare yourself to others – contact similar organisations to examine their approach to systems and measures
  • Celebrate success – share your success with staff and customers through newsletters, posters, meetings and the media.
  • Cultivate an environment of contribution - make staff aware that their ideas are important
  • Establish a quality group or committee that meets regularly to focus on continuous improvement and documentation such as policies and procedures
  • Examine strategies to raise awareness of the organisation’s commitment to quality
  • Hold 'Lunch n Learn' sessions on quality and continuous improvement tools
  • Develop an audit schedule and inform staff when audits will occur
  • ASES accredited organisations require an external assessment every three years. Allow ample time to gather and develop evidence for your assessment. Unless you have dedicated resources, preparation generally takes between 12 – 18 months for most organisations
  • Book an assessment date 6 months prior to your accreditation expiry date in case there are action plans to follow up
  • Investigate how other organisations manage their quality improvement processes.
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