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Supported Residential Facilities Intake & Support Service

3D people cooperate to slot together a brightly coloured 3D puzzleThe Supported Residential Facilities Intake and Support Service (SRFI&SS) is part of the Exceptional Needs Unit.

We work to reduce the risks that people with exceptional needs face around accommodation. We also provide advice and guidance to support the pension-only supported residential facilities sector and funded agencies.

If you want to live in a supported residential facility (SRF), you can contact one directly or you can come through the SRFI&SS. Subsidised accommodation is available only through the SRFI&S.

Adults can be assessed for two services.

1.         The board and care subsidy

2.         The SRF support service (available only to people receiving the board and care subsidy).

Board and care subsidy

We screen and assess your eligibility for the government-funded Board and Care Subsidy.

The subsidy is paid directly to proprietors, not to you. Only SRF proprietors who charge 79 per cent or less of a government benefit (pension plus rent assistance) can get this subsidy to help with your board and care. If you choose to contact the SRF directly or if you are ineligible for this subsidy, you may have to pay more than 79 per cent of your pension to the supported residential facility.

A list of supported residential facilities and vacancies in them are available from the Seniors Information Service.

Supported residential facility support service

We assess your eligibility to receive social support and allied health care after you have moved into an SRF. 

Social support

  • Community engagement (for example, transport to a gym)
  • Personal care (for example, going to the hairdresser, shopping for clothes)
  • Personal development (for example, learning how to use public transport)
  • Budgeting (for example, learning to live within your means).

Allied health care

  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing, and so on.

Getting help

Referrals are accepted from organisations and individuals.


Supported Residential Facility Intake & Support Service

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