Department of Human Services


Where we live affects how we live.

We want all South Australians to actively contribute, connect to their communities and share equal access to opportunities.

We want all South Australians to live in communities where they feel connected and positive about the future, and we want all communities to have the strength and resilience to build that future.

The Community Services Directorate in the Department of Human Services uses two key approaches to place-based work:

  1. Place-based Programs
  2. Place-based Initiatives

Our place-based way of working uses local solutions to emphasise community-led renewal and local initiatives that:

  • enhance local culture and strong local leadership
  • promote community pride and cohesion
  • support people to be safe, healthy and resilient
  • increase participation in social and economic opportunities that support wellbeing.

We support local people, groups, services and businesses to:

  • connect with each other
  • work together
  • coordinate efforts and resources
  • understand local challenges
  • identify opportunities and resources
  • set achievable goals
  • collectively build local leadership, vision and action.

Underpinning this work is a comprehensive understanding of the impact of social, environmental and economic factors on individual and community wellbeing across different populations. This simple, dynamic set of maps provides a wealth of data to compare regions, councils and neighbourhoods:

Community Atlas

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