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Place-based programs

Through the Community Services Support Program (CSSP) and the Port Augusta Social Vision (PASV) program, we are challenging ourselves and the organisations we fund to use community development approaches to accelerate positive changes in local communities.

The CSSP funds a range of universal, targeted, early intervention, prevention, and community-based services to advance the welfare of families, children, young people and vulnerable South Australians. The CSSP encompasses a number of elements that embed community development approaches in funded services:

  • DHS Regional Coordinators (PDF 58.4 KB) manage funding agreements within distinct regions, and support funded providers to link with each other and the local community CSSP funding agreements include a requirement that providers support any collective impact initiatives that exist in their region.
  • CSSP funding agreements include a requirement that providers support any collective impact initiatives that exist in their region.
  • CSSP planning, contracting and evaluation processes fully embrace the South Australian Not-for-Profit Funding Rules and Guidelines (SANFRAG) which require:
    • considering the desired impact or change we are seeking within the community
    • advancing funding activities only where the desired impact or change will improve outcomes for South Australia
    • where possible, and particularly in relation to health and community services, funding activities that build resilience in the community and the capacity to respond to change and crisis, and empower individuals in the process of development and service delivery
    • working collaboratively with the sector to plan and develop funding strategies that are based on evidence of community need and achieve shared outcomes in relation to these needs
  • CSSP prioritises efforts in towns and regions shown to be disadvantaged (using the Socio-Economic Index for Australia (SEIFA).

The PASV takes a similar approach, with a specific focus on social and wellbeing outcomes for young people living in the City of Port Augusta local government area.

Further information about the 12 South Australian Government Regions.

APY Lands

The Community Services Directorate supports the delivery of three programs on the APY Lands:

  • We partner with the NPY Women’s Council to deliver the APY Lands Youth Program. The program provides recreational and educational activities and case management support for young people on the APY Lands.
  • We deliver the APY Lands Disability Support Program to adults with a disability. This includes provision of personal care, clothes washing, meal support, allied health and social and recreational activities. APY Lands Disability Support Program clients are currently being supported to transfer to the NDIS.
  • We manage the Mimili Well Being Centre. The centre provides a space for community to access a variety of services such as financial planning, aged care meals, youth programs and cultural programs. Events such as community BBQs, discos and film nights are also held at the centre.
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